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Amanda Forbis, Wendy Tilby

When the Day Breaks
1999, Canada

When the Day Breaksilluminates life's most ordinary aspects a toaster, a lemon, a trip to the store and endows them with a visceral power. Co-directors Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis use pencil and paint on photocopies to achieve a textured look suggestive of a lithograph or a flickering newsreel. With deft humor and finely rendered detail, When the Day Breaksevokes the promise and fragility of a new day, hinting that these moments are what will some day form our memories; that the everyday is what defines us and connects us.
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Michael Dudok de Wit

Father and Daughter is a 2000 Dutch animated short film, made by Michaël Dudok de Wit. It won the 2000 Academy Award for Animated Short Film. It's notable for beating out Don Hertzfeldt's Rejected for the Oscar. The film also received over 20 awards and 1 nomination and is considered the most successful in the series of works by Michaël. It was also included in the Animation Show of Shows.

Story plot: A Father says goodbye to his young daughter and leaves. As the wide Dutch landscapes live through their seasons so the girl lives through hers. She becomes a young woman, has a family and in time she becomes old, yet within her there is always a deep longing for her father.

Michaela Pavlátová

Repete (1995) - Festival Anima Mundi

Direção e roteiro: Michaela Pavlátová Produção: Dagmar Juráková

Michaela Pavlátová

Michaela Pavlatova was born in Prague, Czech Republic, in 1961. In 1987 she graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague. As an animation film director, her films have received numerous awards at international film festivals, including an Oscar nomination for Reci, reci, reci/Words, words, words, the Grand Prix in Montreal, and accolades at Berlin, Tampere, Hiroshima, Stuttgart and the list goes on. Her short animated film, Repete, has also won a series of awards including the Grand Prix at the International Animation Festival Hiroshima and Golden Bear in Berlin. Retrospective screenings of her films have been featured in France, USA, Portugal, Belgium, Great Britain and in Prague.
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Reci Reci Reci (1991)